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Everyone wants an active community where members participate, learn, and get inspired…and the easiest way to do that is by creating your very own community site with Selling System!

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Why Do I Need A Community?

Communities are designed to foster engagement, discussions, and collaboration among your members. It offers groups and topics, making it easy to organize content by themes. Creating a community your members belong to is great to keep them interested and an important part of your group… and it’s easy to do with Selling System!

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Enhance User Experience with Content Discovery

It’s easier than ever to CONNECT with your community, and create a fun, interactive experience! Members enjoy features like in-line video playback and media embeds within posts. The community-wide and customizable feeds make it easy for members to discover and engage with content from you, as well as other community members!

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Moderate Your Content

Workspace administrators have the ability to configure and control the behavior of groups and topics, including privacy settings, permissions, and customization options. Those with admin rights can moderate comments and posts, ensuring that the environment in the community stays safe, and focused on relevant topics.

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Organize Your Content

The community includes a hierarchical structure with Groups, Topics, Posts, and Comments — making the organizing of content easy! Groups serve as topical areas which makes it easy to contain discussions and content around specific subjects!

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Customizable Media and Link Settings

The product offers customizable settings for linkouts and media embeds, providing flexibility to tailor content embedding rules to the workspace’s specific needs. For example: users can include links within their posts which can then direct other community members to outside resources.

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